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Does your bag let you do this?

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Our revolution in carry-technology

No weight on shoulders

Better posture and lower risk of back/spine injury. Straps sit completely clear of shoulders and loads feel considerably lighter.

Wraparound harness

Revolutionary wraparound design for superior stability and balance, with patented BreathEZ buckle technology for comfort. Bag moves with you however you move without constraining your movements or breathing.

Suspension system

Cushions impact forces and extends and compresses to mirror movements of your own spine to move with you, not constrain you.

Flexible spine

Mirrors the human body, flexing, twisting and extending for complete freedom of movement without pulling the hip-belt up off your hips.

Structural frame

Holds bag off your shoulders and away from body for a feeling of weightlessness. Minimal contact with back for airflow cooling, and no sweaty back.

Ergonomic hipbelt

Places all the load on the hips where the body is designed to carry load. Never gets pulled off the hips, unlike traditional packs.

External features: Front

Waterproof rucksack with anti-theft locks

External features: Back

Weightless backpack features - Motionlab

Internal features

Commuter rucksack with padded laptop sleeve and waterproof shoe pouch

Weightless running rucksack fits laptop, shoes, and clothes
Features Gallery

Backpack straps sit completely clear of your shoulders. Weight placed on your hips for a weightless feeling.
Features Gallery

Features Gallery

Woman running in weightless feeling rucksack
Features Gallery

commuter rucksack with padded laptop pouch
Features Gallery