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Motionlab’s Active Commute backpack will literally take the weight off your shoulders – Stuff Magazine

21st May 2019

We’ve had some amazing reviews from Stuff magazine over the last couple of months. Here’s a snippet of what they had to say about our Motionlab Bag and link to their articles:

“As a famous hobbit once said, sometimes it’s better to share the load, and that’s exactly what Motionlab’s latest backpack has been built to do. Specifically designed to take all the weight off your shoulders and redistribute it to your hips, the Active Commute (£189) makes travelling around the city (or even the great outdoors) with a rucksack full of swag an absolute doddle. Whether your walking, running, or cycling, the unique 22L backpack will make even heavier luggage like laptops and gym shoes feel practically weightless, and in this day and age of non-stop commuting, that’s a priceless commodity.”